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October, 2011:

Requirements Gathering: The Learning Curve

Learning and Teaching

When you start a new job, even if you are an expert with lots of experience in the domain in which you new employer work, you have to learn.  Sometimes the learning curve is small, sometimes long – in any case there is always a learning curve.  In a healthy environment, there is bi-directional learning process.  You will learn your new job, but you will also teach your experiences to your co-workers and employer.  Everyone has something to give back.  The same aspect can be also considered for an analyst who’s task is to gather requirements from a new client.  The learning experience is also two-way, since users do also learn, or will learn, from the analyst. [1]


Requirements {Gathering | Elicitation}: Getting Started

The Road Ahead : A Journey into Requirements Elicitation

Developing software solutions is no easy task.  It involves that the developer must understand the problem, know the technology and implement a solution – in the shortest time possible, possibly written with the latest technologies and methodologies and with the least amount of bugs and implemented in a user friendly way, if possible requiring less training and documentation.  So, here comes the analyst.